The THREE MVP's on Your Real Estate Team

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The THREE Most Valuable People on Your Real Estate Team 

Buying a Home can be a confusing and complicated process. Keep these three people close to ensure as smooth as sailing as possible.  


Your agent
Your agent is your first line of protection that you will come in contact with, and serves as your fiduciary throughout the whole process.  Your real estate agent, in the eyes of the law, is an extension of you, meaning they have the authority to act on your behalf within the context of the agreements and the contractual limitations that are set by legal documents provided by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Any questions that you may have regarding the property, lending or closing are all questions for your Realtor. They may not have all the answers to specific questions, but will be able to point you to the correct person that can answer those questions.  YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL YOU ARE AN IMPOSITION TO YOUR REALTOR.  Your realtor is the person that connects you, the client with all things real estate and all the people involved. For these reasons, it's important to find an agent that you not only like, and can communicate with on a personal and professional level, but one whom you feel genuinely has your best interest at heart and ultimately trust with handling the largest purchase of your life...your home.


The Lender
Your lender is the person that answers all questions related to everything finance. If you have a question about your credit, your lender can help you. Wanting to refinance? Talk to your lender. Wondering how to handle structure your payments? Talk to your lender. Looking for the best fitting loan product? You can ask your Realtor, but ultimately, your lender will be able to help you determine which loan, grant, buyer program or interest rate will most benefit you as the buyer.


The Title Company
Your title company is where you go when you have any questions that deal with the property itself. Needing to know about the Homeowner’s Association?  Deed Restrictions?  Can you build a shop?  Is the title clear?  Your title company handles all the paperwork associated with transfer of ownership and well as holding earnest money deposits in your escrow account. Title validates the title for a certain piece of property and then issue title insurance for that title, which protects and insures the title holder for any possible claims or disputes to the insured title.


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